The Toastmasters contests system

During the year, there are two competitions in English and two competitions in Spanish at the Club:

▪International Speech Competition [English & Spanish]

▪Evaluation Contest Competition [English & Spanish]

The ‘International Speech’ competition and the ‘Evaluation’ competition which are both held in Spring.

Winners of the Club competitions can go forward to the Area. In our case we are: Valencia Toastmasters, Marina Toastmasters (also in Valencia) Alicante Speakers club, Las palmeras Speakers club (in San Javier) & Mallorca Wordsmiths.

Success there would mean qualification for the Division Finals, we belong to division K, that’s Barcelona with 3 areas K1, K2, K3 & us K4. At this level, the Spanish competitions finish, so at the next level all the competitions are in English.

The next level is the District Final [European Final].

The ‘International Speech’ competition is the only competition which goes to a ‘World Final’.The winner becomes the World Champion of Public Speaking.